Analyzing Google Analytics

I though it would be interesting to disclose and discuss some web stats from google analytics. They are taken from 2010-07-04 to 2010-08-04. The numbers themselves are low, but enough to indicate that there seems to be some value in a few of the posts I write. So without further ado:

Page Pageviews
/ 60
/2010/01/28/using-the-registry-to-resolve-visual-studio-reference-paths/ 46
/2010/03/31/jquery-collapsiblepanel-a-collapsable-panel-plugin-for-jquery/ 41
/2010/01/16/sprintf-for-jquery/ 23
/2010/06/21/my-new-favorite-tool-the-far-file-manager/ 21
/2010/07/03/storing-files-in-sql-server-2008-with-filestream/ 15
/outgoing/ 10
/2010/04/05/cassini-is-now-on-github/ 8
/2010/06/29/appcmd-exe-and-his-amazing-superfriends-in-systemrootsystem32inetsrv/ 8
/outgoing/ 7

If you look at my stats from past time periods, the same trends exist.

So the first thing of not is my home page is the most popular page.  The second thing to note is that the next three “just the facts” posts deal with what I consider to be somewhat obscure topics. The third is no one seems to care about the posts where I pontificate. The fourth is that the two outgoing links that show up on the radar both deal with jquery plugins.

I’ve drawn the following conclusions. First, is that jquery plugins are a popular topic. The second is my “just the facts” posts tend to be the most popular. Of course this means I am currently writing an article that few people will read. Third I need to blog more.