jquery.collapsiblePanel: A collapsable panel plugin for jQuery

I’m pleased to announce my first open source jquery plugin, collapsiblePanel.

Basically, this plugin surrounds a given html element with a box and places a title bar on top. Clicking on the title bar will toggle between expanding and collapsing the element.

My main motivation for creating this plugin is to for the tangential lessons I will learn. Some of the tangential lessons I am learning as a result of this:

  1. How do you use the google closure compiler?
  2. How do you use git, and github specifically.
  3. How do you automate the release build process for a static html website. This means automatically renaming the javascript file with the version number, compressing it, and creating a git branch.
  4. Whats is a good javascript editor? Right now I’m liking komodo edit.
  5. Can I use javascript and svg to create animated graphics?

The plan is to blog as I learn, sharing my experiences with you all.

Printf() for jquery.

I was preparing for my pre-session talk this past November at LISUG, when I determined that I needed a printf() function for jquery. To be more accurate, more accurately I needed an sprintf() implementation in javascript, and wanted to .

Google lead me to a jquery plugin that has not been updated since 2007. However, sometimes software gets to the point where it really doesn’t need to be maintained, and if it worked for me I was not going to dismiss it as abandoned software.

In the end it did require a small patch to handle %% (really print a percentage sign). Unfortunately, the maintainer has not acted on my patch. However, please apply it if you plan on using it.