Announcing ILRepack-BuildTasks

ILMerge is a great tool for creating a single executable out of multiple .NET assemblies. However, it has two limitations. The first is that its not open source, and you’re not supposed to include a copy in your public source code repos. The second is its an executable and therefore needs to be called from the MSBuild post build event as opposed to a proper MSBuild task. Each problem had its own mutually exclusive solution.

For the first problem, Francois Valdy (blog|twitter) wrote IL-Repack, an open source clone of ILMerge. So now I could have an exe that could be included in github repos.  This allowed my projects (specifically poshrunner.exe) to have a merge step in the postbuild. ALthough this was still a clunky batch file embedded in the csproj, it just worked.

For the second problem, Marcus Griep (blog|twitter) created ILMerge Tasks. Since the merging APIs in ILMerge are all exposed as public members, you can simply reference the exe as a dll. He did this in an MSBuild DLL. However, this dll still requires ILMerge.exe.

These solutions are no longer mutually exclusive. I’ve forked ILMerge-tasks (and contacted Marcus to see if he wants to incorporate my changes). I had it reference ILRepack. The new project is called ILRepack-BuildTasks on github. Enjoy!