The #MongoHelp twitter manifesto

What is #mongohelp?

#mongohelp is a hashtag on twitter that members of the mongo community use for support.

What’s appropiate to tag #mongohelp?

In order for something to be appropiate for appending the #mongohelp hash tag to one of the following two criteria must be met

  1. You are asking a question related to MongoDb
  2. You are @replying to a question #mongohelp with an answer or a request for clarification

Those are the rules. You can reply with a recommendation for a commercial product or service, but please disclose if you work for partner with or own the product. You can’t make unsolicited promotions with this hash tag. You can’t post a link to your latest blog article to the tag, unless you are answering a question.

Any other guidelines?

Twitter is about instant gratification, so if you ask a question on #mongohelp, its expected you will be sticking around for 10-15 minutes for an answer. Also, if you have a long question to ask on #mongohelp, you should ask it in one of these forums, and link to the question.

This seems awfully familar

Your absolutely right! I borrowed the idea from Aaron Nelson’s (blog|twitter) proposal that was documented by Brent Ozar (blog|twitter) of creating the #sqlhelp hashtag. I’ve spent the last year speaking about MongoDb at SQL Saturdays and after observing both communities. Both communities are very self organized, and provide a lot of free help. The one thing I saw missing from the MongoDB community was a grassroots support tag to connect with others.