Looking to improve my software craftsmanship in Cambridge, England on Saturday 2012-10-20

I’ll get right to the point. My employer needs me to be in London on Friday 2012-10-19, and I decided to stay the weekend. I settled a nice youth hostel in Cambridge. At first I was thinking of touring the museums and university. Then I figured, why not see if I can become a better programmer while I am there?

So first the basics. These days I’m fluent in C#, PowerShell, T-SQL and MongoDB. I work for a large company that produces propeitary closed source software that I cannot talk about or share. However, I do contribute to some open source software, and theres nothing stopping me from working on your projects for the weekend. My full resume is here. Also, I’ve never done this sort of thing before, or even tried pair programming so this is entirely new to me.

I’m looking for someone to propose an interesting project for me to pair with them for a day on. If it’s some closed source project you are working on, then I’d expect some form of compensation. It could be, dinner, single malt scotch, a used iPad, etc. If its open source, then no compensation is necessary (but I’ll never turn down a well earned free lunch). I’d like to see tangiable results from our work in a day. If those tangiable results are simply turning unit tests from red to green, or increasing code┬ácoverage, that’s ok . I don’t care if the situation works out that one of us is a better programmer or we are both equal programmers. There is something to be learned on both sides of a teacher/student relationship.
Are you interested? You can reach out to me in the comments, or send me a mention on twitter. My twitter handle is @zippy1981.