Some 64 bit Farmanager plugin links

I’ve previously written about my love of FAR, the File and ARchive manager. One of its greatest strengths is all the plugins written for it. However, some of the most popular plugins are no longer maintained (because they just work), and were not ported to 64 bit. Luckily, this is becoming less and less of an issue.

I have therefore compiled this short list of sites with 64-bit FarManager plugins. BTW these days U run nightly builds of Far3. Some of these plugins might not work in Far2.

  • Evil Programmers is a google code project with 64 bit builds of plugins. Most of the downloads only include
  • Andrew Grechkin’s plugins. The only one I’ve actually used is the service manager plugin. This site also has plugins for FarManager 3.
  • NexBox This is a fork of the WinSCP plugin for Far. Unlike the original version, there is a 64-bit build of this.
  • FarPlug Google Code Project This has three plugins currently. The first is the arclight plugin that allows far to manipulate zip, 7z, rar and other archive formats. The second allows you to view the contents of movile device docked with ActiveSync, and the third lets you view information about NTFS file systems.

UPDATES 2012-09-06:

  • Conemu. Scott Hanselman blogged about this replacement to Console2¬†and converted me instantly. While ConEmu works fine with cmd.exe and powershell.exe. it also includes plugins for FarManager and integrates very nicely. The conemu project also hosts several plugins and a wrapper to run Far2 plugins in Far3.
  • FarPlugs Google Code Project. A similar name to the above project, but a completely different set of plugins. There is an AutoUpdate plugin that will update Far Itself, Conemu, NetBox, and all the plugins on this site. There is a nice PEImage viewer for those that do low level win32 programming. There is also a useful looking SQLite editor.