What #SQLFamily means to me.

Warning folks, this is a non-technical post.

Recently, a post on the official SQL Server blog stated that for each of the first 400 “what #SQLFamily means to me” stories submitted to, $50 would be donated to The Pragmatic Works Foundation to train veterans in IT skills. I just submitted my entry, which I have reproduced below.

My name is Justin Dearing, and I have worked in various capacities in the IT industry since December 2002. This is my #SQLFamily story. it is a story of learning my manners and receiving forgiveness.

Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp recently decided to increase the community marketing of their SQLSkills consulting company. They offered to send anyone a SQLSkills sticker that sent them a mailing address. I decided to sign up for this. I was a bit surprised there was no automated form, and that I had to send this request in prose via email. Note that there is now a web form for this..
Well I did not say please or thank you, or generally acknowledge that a fellow homo sapien would be receiving the request at the end. Well, a very unique and talented homo sapien that I respect very much (Paul Randal himself) did indeed read my response, and sent the following twitter message:
I hung my head in shame for about a week while fretting over what to do because I knew right away I was the offender. Eventually I decided to simply send an email to Paul saying I realized I was the one that offended him and apologizing. He accepted the apology and sent me the sticker. Like a functional family, when forgiveness was sought it was quickly given, the incident was forgotten, and I’d like to think I’ve been a little more polite and considerate both on and off the internet as a result.