Remembering those IT practioners that have served

Today we observe Memorial Day in the United States. I happened to have spent part of my Memorial Day returning from a *minication* in Dallas, Texas. On my flight home, it was announced that a female WWII veteran who served in the WASP program was flying with us. Since flight time is often blogging time for me, I decided to write this article to express my thanks to all of those who have served the United States in uniform. Thank you to all of you!  I also wanted to use this space to thank those who at one point served in the US military who are now civilian programmers, sysadmins or DBAs.

Naturally the list must start off with Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, responsible amongst other things for COBOL and the term debugging. Honorable mentions must follow for the sci-fi writer Robert A Heinlein and his wife Virginia. While not programmers by profession, they were both veterans and inspirations to many in our field. Although the three of them have sailed beyond the sunset, I am thankful for their service.

In addition, one cannot forget those that have served and are still living. Microsoftie and University of Washington Professor Buck Woody served in the Air Force, as did Audrey Hammonds, half of datachix. Thank you both for your service!

Finally, a special thanks to those who serve in a civilian IT role while still in the active reserves like Jonathan Kehayias of SQLSkills, better know as SQLPoolboy to some. Thank you Jonathan, and those like you for your continuing service.

This list is by no means exhaustive, just the people I could think of. I invite everyone to write in the comments below a personal message of thanks to fellow programmers, sysadmins and dbas that have served in the US military.