RedGate Reflector 7 news roundup

Below is a series of links related to todays news that RedGate will cease to offer a free version of its .NET Reflector product.

Stackoverflow Links

There are some stackoverflow questions that might be in need of updating as a result of the fallout of this.

In addition, hopefully there will be some activity on the Reflector section of

RedGate is no longer free? I say open source it!

As of today, RedGate’s .NET Reflector is no longer free. It is now $35. In an interview their CEO claimed they can not justify dedicating any developer resources to the product under the current free model.

I am a big fan of Redgate’s SQL Compare tool, it makes DB deploys as easy as code deploys. I’ve used .NET Reflector, although naturally its not the sort of thing I use on a regular basis. I had mixed reactions at first. I do think that $35 is a fair price for the tool. I am glad that they will continue to develop it, and I have no doubt that will happen if a revenue stream is realized from the product. That being said, perhaps it would be better to open source it. Continue reading “RedGate is no longer free? I say open source it!”