A quick guide to installing PHP 5.3 on Redhat Enterprise or Centos 5 machine

I was tempted not to post this article since it is little more than a link to someone elses blog article. However, said article is so useful its worth sharing in a manner more permanent than a tweet.

A while back I was trying to get some PHP code to run on a Redhat Enterprise Linux server. Long story short, the code required PHP 5.3, RHEL does not package PHP 5.3, I didn’t feel like compiling PHP, and it was late Friday afternoon.  So I googled around and discovered that someone made a yum repo of PHP 5.3 binaries. For once things worked magically and I went home at a reasonable hour. Such things rarely happen to me so is worth noting.

I will add a final postscript. If you look at the blog article you will realize that this repo has been maintained for a while. The repo originally contained php 5.2.10, and now contains PHP 5.3.3. Therefore, it seems a safe bet that this repo will continue to be updated.