Bad Twitter Parodies Imitate the Art the Original Parodied

You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon — Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

I made parodied reference to the above quote in a twitter post I didn’t bother to proofread. Since I have more than 140 characters here I can explain the obtuse reference. I was attempting to 1-up Michael Graziano‘s talk of the bad days of ssh clients on windows before putty. I happened to have filed a bug today with bitvise about WinSSHD‘s sftp behavior when you connect to it with farmanager‘s winscp plugin. Farmanager happens to be developed by Russians, and many of its users are Russian. So the obtuse reference seemed appropriate .

Since I happened to be working on this blog, it seemed like a good idea to expand this into a blog post.  I wanted to verify the original reference and discovered that the Star Trek Quote was a reference to a literary work called Prin. This is in and of itself not remarkable, other than being another example of the literary references in the Star Trek movies. What ties it back to my corny tweet is that the original quote is that Shakespeare must be appreciated in the original Russian. I cannot find the quote, but I want to read the book now. Sometimes I amuse myself by coincidences.