Analyzing Google Analytics

I though it would be interesting to disclose and discuss some web stats from google analytics. They are taken from 2010-07-04 to 2010-08-04. The numbers themselves are low, but enough to indicate that there seems to be some value in a few of the posts I write. So without further ado:

Page Pageviews
/ 60
/2010/01/28/using-the-registry-to-resolve-visual-studio-reference-paths/ 46
/2010/03/31/jquery-collapsiblepanel-a-collapsable-panel-plugin-for-jquery/ 41
/2010/01/16/sprintf-for-jquery/ 23
/2010/06/21/my-new-favorite-tool-the-far-file-manager/ 21
/2010/07/03/storing-files-in-sql-server-2008-with-filestream/ 15
/outgoing/ 10
/2010/04/05/cassini-is-now-on-github/ 8
/2010/06/29/appcmd-exe-and-his-amazing-superfriends-in-systemrootsystem32inetsrv/ 8
/outgoing/ 7

If you look at my stats from past time periods, the same trends exist.

So the first thing of not is my home page is the most popular page. ┬áThe second thing to note is that the next three “just the facts” posts deal with what I consider to be somewhat obscure topics. The third is no one seems to care about the posts where I pontificate. The fourth is that the two outgoing links that show up on the radar both deal with jquery plugins.

I’ve drawn the following conclusions. First, is that jquery plugins are a popular topic. The second is my “just the facts” posts tend to be the most popular. Of course this means I am currently writing an article that few people will read. Third I need to blog more.