Cassini is now on github.

This weekend I created a github repository for Cassini, the small, single executable, Ms-PL web server which Microsoft released for developers. This was motivated by my SVG experiments, because Cassini does not serve svg files with the proper content type.

I coded a simple workaround to set the mime type and wanted to give it back to the community. While there are two codeplex projects with Cassini enhancements, Cassini++ and CassiniDev, I felt github was the place to host Cassini changes. There are a multitude of small enhancements that have been made to Cassini, and Cassini is not the sort of project that works well with strong central leadership.

Currently the version of Cassini available in my github repo sports the following features:

I’m hoping that hosting my changes on github will foster the sharing of Cassini enhancements. I will reach out to both Cassini projects on codeplex and let them know of my changes so that can incorporate them into their projects.