Stack Overflow, providing definitive answers that previously would have gone unanswered.

I am a stackoverflow, serverfault, superuser, and of course meta stackoverflow junkie. This probably comes as no surprise due to the three sites I recently launched.

There are many reasons I like these three sites. First of all, I am a big fan of on-line and real life programmer interaction. Secondly, I like the model Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky’s designed. Finally, the site just works and has a lot of users and content.

Today I was looking at some VB.NET code, and some string literals were being concatenated. These were long strings so it certainly made sense for them to be broken up along multiple lines. Normally I would assume the .NET compiler would optimize this to one string during the compile process, but I decided to search on stackoverflow. I found the following links:

I got my answers quickly, with references to the relevant specs, and IL code generated from sample source code. There are many duplicates on this topic, and I should take the time to notify the moderators to close them. However, today I produced better codeand was enlightened a little thanksĀ  to stackoverflow.