Bad journalism in the Wired article on Sun buying MySQL

Its hard for me to write an article like this without sounding trite. I’m sure I make many journalistic mistakes in this fine publication. I can’t say “well wired should know better,” since that is tantamount to saying, “I admit no one should read what I say.”

That being said I really think that the wired article on Sun buying MySQL had one really bad flaw. The either misunderstand or misrepresent of facts.

Even with Ruby on Rails and Django gaining in popularity, MySQL remains a popular and common choice of database for today’s startups.

Ruby on Rails and Django are frameworks that can use MySQL or several other databases to store their data. If anything, they would help MySQL gain popularity as many people use MySQL as the database for applications that use that framework. Non technical readers would get the impression that Ruby on Rails would replace MySQL as opposed to complementing it.